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1Certificate Details

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Download Password

Define your own download password (Challenge Code) to download the certificate, once approved by eMudhra CA. The same will also be sent to you over SMS / email after approval. (Minimum 6 characters)

Note : Please remember this password to download the certificate.

2Organization Details

3DSC Applicant Information

? Please enter the applicant PAN.


The authorised signatory shall be Controlling / Administrative Authority / Head of Office or Head of Department (HoD).
? Please enter the Authorized Signatory PAN.
?Please enter your name (Authorized Signatory). This name should match the name as per your PAN entered in next field.
?Please enter your organization employee ID. This should match with the organization Identity (ID) proof uploaded in this request.
?Please enter your mobile number. This should belong to authorized signatory, and can be used only once for each organization. An SMS OTP will be sent to this number for verification in next step.
?Please enter your Email ID. This should belong to authorized signatory. An Email OTP will be sent to this Email ID for verification in next step.
?Please enter the Organization Unit/Department.
?Please enter the PAN of the Authorized Signatory. This will be verified against Income Tax System to be active and match the name entered in previous field.
Date of Birth *?Please enter the date of birth of KYC user. Year of Birth should be older than 18 years.
?Please enter the PIN, this should exactly match your Desired PIN.
?Please enter the OTP received to your registered Email ID.

5Upload File

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Applicant PAN Proof*?
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Organization ID Card of Applicant * ?
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Note : Please make sure that any uploaded/scanned document is fully readable and keep the ORIGINALS of the SAME DOCUMENT handy during video recording.

Steps for Organization

Selecting the Certificate
  • Select the Certificate type and Validity.
  • Set-up the challenge code and re-enter the challenge code to confirm and use it later while downloading the certificate.
Initiating Organization information:
  • Provide the PAN of an organization and proceed (or Organization name in case of Government).
  • System will validate the given PAN and notifies if it is already registered with eMudhra.
  • If it is already registered with eMudhra, no need for additional organization information.
  • If it is not registered with eMudhra, provide the complete organization information to proceed.

Section 71 of IT Act stipulates that if anyone makes a misrepresentation or suppresses any material fact from the CCA or CA for obtaining any DSC such person shall be punishable with imprisonment up to 2 years or with fine up to one lakh rupees or with both.